How Divorce Made Me Stronger (and Smarter: 6 Lessons Gleaned)

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(...and it made me a better singer, too!)

The blog DivorcedBefore30 published a guest blog post of mine recently; and as a divorced singer, I have to say that most of these lessons are as personal as they are professional.


I secretly left my abusive ex-husband and fled a foreign country that had been my home for five years. I knew I couldn’t stay and that was the only way I knew I had to leave. I was alone, penniless, terrified,
and getting a divorce at 29. I had hit rock bottom and it was only up from there…but not the way that I thought was up. It was life’s way up.

#1: It’s up to you to take care of yourself. Tina Fey said it best in Bossypants: Tina Fey's Bossypants People will try to fool you. My naiveté had increased during the brainwashing from my ex and I actually believed that
handsome colleague was genuinely interested in me. He wasn’t. I thought the lady who hired me was going to follow through on her big plans. She didn’t. I began tuning into reality, which was what people
were doing, not what they were saying.

#2 Speak up! If you’re going to regret not saying something, you better well learn how to....