I am 4 and Free. August 26, 2012: Blackbird by The Beatles

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I am 4 today. It's my 4th 2nd Birthday today. I celebrate the day I left my ex-"husband" as my 2nd Birthday, because without having done what I did, I would not have my second chance. Those magical concerts in South America would have been different, those songs might not be on iTunes, and you wouldn't be reading this growing website right now.

I gave up a faux-marriage, gave up the lies I was believing, gave up friends who were anything but, gave up my fear of being the first divorced person in my family, gave up my second home, my growing business, and I gave up being emotionally and psychologically tortured by the person who was supposed to love me kindly, respectfully, and deeper than anyone else.

I am free.

Enjoy a bit of The Beatles. "All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to be free..."

"Blackbird, fly...."

Blackbird - The Beatles (White Album)