Welcome to the new edition of Open Intervals!

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Welcome back to Open Intervals! It's been a long time since I've blogged regularly and that is simply a reflection of being...stuck.

Long story short:  I used to purchase software on a yearly subscription basis to make my blog look totally awesome. And it did! It posted automatically to Twitter and sent emails whenever I posted a blog post.

Except I don't use Twitter any more. And the price went...up. And I got new email software that could send emails whenever I posted something new on Open Intervals. And I definitely didn't want to keep throwing good money at a blogging software every year when, thanks to continued development by the Joomla team, I could do the same thing in my site...for FREE!

So I hired someone to extract the articles and create the new blog you see here today. It took me a long time to find the right person to do it and he did a spectacular job.

On the right you'll see quite a few differences.


New Ways to Connect

First you can sign up for email notifications when new blog posts are created, simply enter your email address, fill in the captcha (this prevents spammers from signing up), and click Subscribe.

Second, if you prefer an RSS reader, please click on the "RSS Feed" on the right. (There are actually 2 different RSS feeds on this site, one is here for the blog, and the other is on the Calendar page, so you can sign up for calendar events and find out when I'm singing next.)

Now there are 5 blog categories. 5. You can count them on one hand--probably a good maximum. They're on the right now, too.

Lastly, you can always sign up for my regular newsletter, Nicole's Notes, and find out all the latest news first. Yep, subscribers get it all first!


A New Mission

In the last 2 years I've used it mainly for promoting my own activities and supporting a few others, however I've discovered that the most popular articles (from 5 years of blogging!) fall into 3 categories:

1. Explaining how performing/singing works:

Why Do Musicians Always Wear Black?

Do Soloists Have to Wear Black?

2. Telling stories:

A Love Letter to the Teatro del Lago, Frutillar, Chile

To Sing is to Heal

3. Humor

7 Music Puns to Make You Snort. Or Groan.

Really these articles are about being human. We want to learn, we want to connect, and we want to laugh! We want to enjoy what we're doing. Thus I've developed this new mission for Open Intervals:

Music isn't part of our survival, music is art and art is what makes us human. The mission of Open Intervals is to help you become a little more human...one post at a time.

So I'll diverge from music & singing and come back to it, creating a hopefully beautiful mosaic of this thing we have here, this thing called life.

Yes, that's a salute to Prince. ♥


I'm really looking forward to connecting with you this way, so please do sign up for the email alerts when a new blog post goes up! All you need is your email address.

'Till soon!