Story time: Keep it to yourself.

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It's story time!

Last Friday I was dropping off a friend at her car and in doing so, I momentarily blocked other cars in the parking lot. It only took a moment to say good-bye, but a woman whose car I had blocked was sure to very impatiently call out "EXCUSE ME!!!"

As soon as I turned around I could feel the vitriol rolling off her being. I told her "I'm leaving right now" and she rolled her eyes at me.

I'm not one to take that kind of crap, so I said, "Really, lady?! 2 seconds mean that much to you?!" She shrugged me off and started getting into her car. She obviously wanted to crap all over my day. But I'm not one to take that kind of crap.


"KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!" I yelled at her.

I got in my car and drove off, honking.

Nobody craps all over my day.

It is fully within your rights to tell someone to keep their badittude (bad + attitude) to themselves. They can keep their rudeness, their lack of manners, their utter lack of compassion.

The next time you need something to say to empower yourself when someone else is being rude to you, simply tell them:

Keep it to yourself lg